charlotte roe In 2018, I will be travelling to Uganda for just under a month with EAP. Throughout this academic year I'll be leading a team of UoB students with their fundraising plans to help raise thousands of pounds for this worthy cause. The charity was set up in 2009 by students at Leeds University who realised the benefit that play could have on social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills of children. In Uganda, the education system lacks creativity which can greatly affect the development of these children. The charity also go on to train and employ young adults in the community in Uganda to be builders, welders, cooks and much more so when volunteers are not present, the essential work can continue and benefit not only the children but the adults of the community too.
Since expanding as a charity, EAP have also began to work closely with UNICEF, bringing their recreational areas from schools to refugee camps in Uganda so that even more children can receive the benefit if play.

Examples of where you donation goes are:
£10- builds a toy giraffe for the children of the community to play with
£15- builds a motorbike out of tyres so the children can get involved in creative role play
£20- funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult to help them be safe and begin employment with EAP
£50- builds a table for space for board games

What happens to my £2000 raised?
£300- Ugandan Wildlife Authority to protect the Gorillas I will be visiting
£600- Project costs of food, accommodation and travel (non-profit trek company)
£1,100- directly to EAP to fund their incredible work in Uganda

Please donate anything you can, and help give children their childhoods. charlotte roe