Charlotte McKenna Hi everyone,

During the summer of 2018 I will be travelling to Uganda with the charity East African Playgrounds, whose aims are to give children their childhood back through play. The importance of play for a child is huge, as it can strongly affect their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills and this is why East African Playgrounds builds playgrounds all across Uganda. In doing so, it allows many children to feel empowered in a disadvantaged situation.

I will be in Uganda for three weeks, where I will first trek through mountains, lakes and jungles to see the Gorilla’s who are declining in the wild. After doing this, I am volunteering to build a playground for the local children.

Of the £2,000 I will raise, £300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority which will help with the conservation efforts of the gorilla’s I will be seeing. Also £600 will go towards food, accommodation and travel, most of which will go to the non-profit trek company, House of Edirisa, who support the communities we will trek through and the remaining £1,100 will go towards East African Playgrounds to fund their ongoing work.

Any donations for my trip to Uganda would be greatly appreciated, as I will be able to help children regain their childhoods.


Charlotte McKenna