Chad Donnelly Hi Everyone!
In 2019, I will be going to Uganda, trekking to find the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorilla's as well as joining a team of paid Ugandan professionals and other volunteers to help build a playground for a school while living and working within the local community.

I need your help in raising £3,000 to help me take part on this incredible expedition, realise my dream and make a difference in some of the worlds most disadvantaged children, as well as the preservation of the Silverback Gorilla.

I have signed up to the Gorilla Trek volunteering with the charity, East African Playgrounds to help give children their childhood through play. Play has an incredible benefit on a child’s development and I believe every child should have this opportunity because it builds physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. It also gives them a space in which to make sense of the world and exercise freedom of thought. These benefits have led to massive effects such as:

- 83% improvement in behaviour and concentration of children in class
- 100% of teachers stated a reduction in absenteeism
- 98% of teachers stated an increase in enrolment
- 85% of children stating they have learnt new skills
- 96% of community members saw a positive change in the community

“What difference do your donations make?”

- £5.11 gives one child their childhood back through access to a safe, fun and child-focussed playground.
- £21.83 educates a teacher on the importance of including play in education and creates a peer network for them to share their learning in.
- £73.80 equips a former street child with everything they need to learn the basics of welding, from their own set of work boots through to ear defenders and glasses.
- £131 teaches a community of care-givers and educators about the importance of play at home and school, as well as how to maintain their playground.
- £197.61 trains a former street child for a month, helping them to become a qualified builder or welder through our apprenticeship scheme.

Please help me reach my fundraising target by giving whatever you can. Any donation is massively appreciated and will go a long way! *I am also fundraising for my flights, so any money that I raise above the £2000 can be reimbursed by East African Playgrounds to me (upon request), up to the cost of my flight.

Gorilla Trek:

During the three weeks in Uganda, I will be taking on every kind of terrain the world offers (mountain, lakes, and jungles) before volunteering on a playground build myself. Of the £2000 I raise, £300 will go to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to help the conservation efforts of the gorilla I will be visiting. Sadly, these beautiful creatures now become increasingly endangered due to habitat loss, disease and poaching, leaving just around 880 in the wild today. £600 will go on project costs of food, accommodation, and travel, most of which will go to a non-profit trek company, the Home of Edirisa, who supports the communities we will trek through. The remaining £1100 will go directly to East African Playgrounds to help fund their incredible work.

Whether you're an animal lover like me or you have a kind and generous heart towards helping those in need; you will have no hesitation to help preserve the Gorillas or give these children a chance at the life they deserve through providing any donation! Chad Donnelly