Catherine Bygrave I've signed up to the Gorilla Trek with the charity East African Playgrounds to raise £2,000 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda. In Summer 2019 I will spend three weeks in Uganda- taking on the many different terrains that the country has to offer (mountains, lakes and jungles) before volunteering to build a playground with the local community. Of the £2,000 I raise, £300 will go to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to help the conservation efforts for the Silverback Gorillas, which I will get the chance to visit. £600 will go on project costs of food, accommodation and travel, most of which will go to the non-profit trek company, the Home of Eridisa, who support the communities we will be trekking through. The remaining £1,100 will go directly to the East African Playgrounds to fund their incredible work.
Play has an incredible benefit on a child's development, I believe that every child should have this opportunity as it builds physical, social and cognitive skills. It also gives them the space in which they can make sense of the world and exercise freedom of thought.
I am also fundraising for my flights, so any money that I raise above the £2,000 can be reimbursed by East African Playground to me (upon request) up to the cost of my flight.

I want to give this gift to the children of Uganda, can you please help by donating towards my fundraising.
*Please note, if you are a relative of mine you cannot gift aid your donation, according to charity law.

A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at Catherine Bygrave