carla howell This summer, I will be going to Uganda to help build playgrounds, volunteering with the local community, and contribute to the conservation of the critically endangered Silverback Gorillas.
Play is incredibly important for children’s learning, wellbeing, development and their long-term outcomes, especially those living in poverty. Adding play to a child’s life can lead to significantly raised IQs, greater achievement at school and even higher rates of employment and wages in adulthood.
But, in many communities across East Africa, children spend time out of school looking for work or helping with chores at home, rather than playing. Play is often viewed by adults as a waste of time. Children are also limited in self-expression and creativity at school, where the large class size means that repetition-based teaching is often used by teachers. There are very few play facilities available for children, and those that do exist are often unsafe or poor quality.
I want to contribute to this charity because I feel strongly that children from all walks of life should be entitled to self-expression, and should be given equal opportunities to make something of their lives. I will be going to the community and seeing exactly where the money I raise is being used. Although a playground may seem like something very trivial in our Western culture, for these communities that have very little, a new playground can be a source of immense joy and entertainment for the children there.
I would be enormously grateful for any contribution, big or small, to put towards this great cause. Thank you xxx carla howell