Leah Pickett

This year my target is to raise £800 for the charity East African Playground’s with the intention to encourage lasting memories through the medium of play. Alongside education, play can provide social, emotional and cognitive skills to children which they can later use to make sense of the changing world around them. The charity East African Playgrounds build’s playgrounds for children, in areas which they wouldn’t have them otherwise. For example, outside of schools, and even in refugee camps. A playground although seemingly simple is a place which a child can grow and develop their skills, it is a place memory can be made, lessons learned, and friendships formed.
Examples of what you can fund with donations are…
£10- builds a toy Giraffe for Children of a community to play with
£15- builds a motorbike out of tires allowing kids to engage in creativity and role play scenarios
£20- funds safety equipment which is used to provide local young adults with the skills they need to start paid employment with East African Playgrounds.
During the Summer I will be working with other volunteers and a group of paid professionals trained by East African Playgrounds to build a playground in Uganda. Please help me reach my target by giving whatever you can as no donation is wasted and all is appreciated. If you have nothing to give, please can you share this passing the message on to your friends and families. Thank you for your time.
Leah Pickett