Sushanth Kambhampati SUSHANTH VOLUNTEERS IN UGANDA 2019!

I've signed up to volunteer with the charity, "East African Playgrounds" to raise 2000 pounds to help children from rural villages in Uganda experience the magic of play! Every child should have the privilege of experiencing the joys and wonders of playing during the golden years of their childhood. I believe that playing allows kids to free their minds and positively interact with the environment and people around them, helping them develop vital physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. The families of these kids constantly face hardships in their lives, and I believe that through the kids enjoyment during play, the whole community can be uplifted and can also inspire the kids to learn, explore and develop themselves. To achieve this, we are going to work with a local community of volunteers and builders to build a classroom for play, a playground! We are also going to assist the organization in a creative play programme with the kids to help them apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-life situations in a fun and interesting way.

East African Playgrounds has done some incredible work in building playgrounds in refugee settlements and rural villages across Uganda for under-privileged children, to give them back their precious childhoods. Apart from building playgrounds, they also provide vocational work training for young adults in areas such as building and welding, teach kids educational play such as problem sessions and interactive creative play sessions, and also employ a number of disadvantaged young adults from refugee camps and rural villages in their work, aiming to empower them by helping them learn and develop new skills. More information about their incredible work can be found at
On this trip, I will also be visiting a Ugandan wildlife sanctuary which houses the critically endangered Silverback Mountain Gorilla species. We are going to work together with the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, to aid in the vital conservation efforts of this species.

A breakdown of the costs of the trip can be found at

To help us build magical memories for these kids, I would request you to donate to this cause- any donation will make a difference!

Fundraising Activities:

One of the biggest and most challenging fundraising activities that I have planned for myself is to run a half marathon (21K) sometime next year (possibly April). I have run a 10K marathon before (while I was in the Singapore army) and I thought a half marathon would be the best way to challenge myself and try and raise money for the cause that I am taking up. I will be training through the next 4 months to not only complete the marathon but also finish with a reasonably good timing. Thus it would be great if you guys could sponsor me on this journey by donating to my page and I promise to train as hard as I can to conquer this challenge! Sushanth Kambhampati