Ben Player Having always been interested in Charity work, from teaching in India to setting up Charity Auctions for UNICEF, I have decided to sign up to East African Playgrounds Gorilla Trek, to help raise funds and build a playground in Uganda next summer. They have built over 300 playgrounds in schools, community centres and refugee settlements across Uganda. These playgrounds are not only a vital space to have fun, make friends and play together but also they have proven to increase school attendance and enrolment, reduced antisocial behaviour and increase the perceived importance of children having their childhoods.

Additionally Uganda has one of the most open policies on refugees, they do not interrogate or question any, but rather give them a piece of land to farm and an identity by immersing them into a community. As such, its population is growing exponentially, putting considerable pressure on services and schooling.

Finally your money will also help to go towards protecting the Endangered Mountain Gorillas, of which half the population reside within Uganda.

Any money raised above the 2500 will go towards helping me fundraise for my flights, however below this mark, the money goes directly to the hands of the those working in Uganda.

Skip out the bureaucracy and advertising campaigns of larger charities, and donate where your money will have a greater difference!

Please, please, please donate!

BIG LOVE :))) Ben Player