Becca Brewer Hi! Thank you for clicking on my page!

Along with a group of fellow students, I'm travelling to rural Uganda for a month next June with established charity, East African Playgrounds. Their focus is to provide play for underprivileged children in schools in East Africa. We often take simple elements of childhood such as play for granted, however it is crucial to a child's development, as it assists in building social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills, which only benefit a child's life, offering a brighter and more hopeful future. I'll be living within the local community in order to contribute to these children's lives, in building their very own playground for three weeks.

As well as this, we will be embarking upon a five-day trek through the forest in order to find the last remaining wild Silverback Gorillas, as well as a variety of other activities across the country.

Please help me achieve my goal by donating anything you can, to give the children of Uganda the gift of play. Thank you!

A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at Becca Brewer