Anri Nel My name is Anri and I am currently at UWE university student, studying Biomedical Science before studying further to become a doctor. I was given an opportunity to volunteer for East African Playgrounds (EAP)charity, and I really wish to take the opportunity. Being a student I am currently unable to fully support myself, therefore, I kindly ask for a donation.

Certainly only through your donations, I will be capable of participating in the project. The funds raised will go towards the project (minimum of £800 for me to be able to participate which goes directly to the EAP).

I would really appreciate any size donation, as cliche as it sounds 'every single penny counts'. In August 2018 I can be in Uganda, helping the East African Playgrounds charity in developing yet another playground for the children of Uganda. This project itself is very rewarding, as I will be out there exploring a new environment, and culture. As well as gaining new skills that would help me in life but most importantly it's the smiles that will be left on the children's face once the project is completed.

As previously stated any donation no matter how small is very much appreciated. I am looking forward to the project! Anri Nel