Amy Weatherald I'm a big believer in the greater good, and I hope that by taking on this project I am going to be doing my bit for the greater good. East African Playgrounds build play areas in schools in Uganda, where I will be heading and also lead creative learning sessions for the children within the school. For four weeks I will be labouring to build a playground every morning Monday to Friday and leading play sessions each afternoon, as anyone who knows me will say, I'm no stranger to taking a lead, especially in a school environment, but the hard labour is a different story! I am so looking forward to this amazing experience, I'll also have the opportunity to do weekend activities, such as riding horses down the banks of the river Nile (completely feel like I should be in Indiana Jones for that part) and white water rafting! To get to Uganda I need to raise at least £800, so any money that you can spare would be greatly appreciated! I hope to do a series of fundraising events from street collections to quiz nights both in York and at home in Wensleydale. Any donations are a step closer to my goal! Amy Weatherald