Amelia Savy A bit about the East African Playgrounds' role in Uganda:
Play is fundamental to a child's social and cognitive development, yet sadly many children are deprived of the opportunity in some countries. In Uganda, 8 million children live in poverty and time spent outside schools are spent working or helping at home. Since half the population is under 15 years old, classes are over-populated and resources are sparse.

East African Playgrounds recognises the importance of play and applies their play programmes in Early Childhood Development centres, primary schools, hospitals and refugee settlements across Uganda. Since 2009, they have built playgrounds in schools, where they also train teachers on the theory of play, and inform them of ways to incorporate the playground into their lessons.

Now, a bit about my role in Uganda:
This August, 2018, I will be travelling to Uganda with a group of students to partake in a Gorilla Trek with the East African Playgrounds (EAP). During the 3 weeks, we will trek through a forest, come across Gorillas, canoe across the Nile, and restore existing playgrounds built by previous EAP volunteers. I am particularly excited about this project as we will then transform an empty field into a safe, sustainable and fun playground for hundreds of Ugandan children to benefit from.

All money raised will go towards this great cause, the cost of the trip and will also fund a Gorilla Permit from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority which takes conservation efforts into protect the last remaining Silverback Gorilla's!

You can help by donating to this project which will send myself and a group of students to build a playground ourselves, and will in turn give hundreds of children the childhood they deserve!

Thank you for any and all donations, big or small, they are truly appreciated!
Amelia Savy