Alexander Piechowski Hi, I'm Alex and if there was one quote I live by its this ancient Greek phrase: 'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit under.' Helping people was always framed as the greatest gift to the world anyone can give. With two hard working medical parents who helped teach me the importance of education, social learning and why we should help whoever we can, wherever we can, I'm excited to make a change, however domestic, to a community and a generation of young people.
I'm studying Politics and International Relations here at Nottingham, and I'm a firm believer in exploring and understanding different ways of life first-hand. It's so important to me that we act directly, and so, having an opportunity to help a school in Uganda while not using the opportunity to push other dogma is really positive. It also means that I can be assured where our donations are going, and know that we've made a change. Rather than just texting a pound away and not knowing how much (if any) is actually making a change. Now I know we've made a change and even though it may be a drop in the ocean to some, to the community we're working in, its a massive and positive step in the right direction.
Alexander Piechowski