alexie Neville After going to Ghana in August 2017 with Girl's Brigade England and Wales, I fell in love with Africa. I wanted to stay there for longer and knew that I was going to adventure out into the beauty of the continent.
18th August- 13th September 2018, alongside others I will be travelling to Uganda to perform some missionary work.
I will be working with East African Playgrounds to help create safe play areas for children in Uganda!
We will be designing and building our own playground out there for children in the mornings. In the afternoons we will be teaching the children including the teaching them the games we play over here in England.
Alongside all of the volunteers, we will work with 5 local builders to help create a safe and wonderful place for the children to play.
Please support me the best you can even if its the smallest amount you can give, everything will help and will be greatly appreciated! alexie Neville