Alex Gordon In June, I will be making the journey halfway across the world to Uganda. Here I will take part in a variety of projects to protect and help the communities across this amazing country.
Working with animals has always been a great passion of mine, so I find myself so lucky that the first week of this adventure will be spent tracking and locating the last remaining Silverback Gorillas that are so iconic to this region of Africa.
Once this week-long trek is through, the hard-work truly begins. Over the course of 2 weeks, me and the other volunteers who will be joining me will undertake the task of building a long-anticipated playground for the local community's children.

The labour and materials of building this amazing playground and its contents is where most of the funds I raise will go to.
For Example:

£10 will go towards a collection of toys for the children to use

£100 will fund an entire months education programme

£250 will even build a huge climbing frame for the playground

There is so much good that even a small donation can accomplish and on behalf of the charity I appreciate any donation that is given Alex Gordon