Adele Mosdell I have always wanted to go to Africa and do something charitable, whilst becoming immersed in the culture, but I could never decide whether the impact of the charities were positive. When I heard about the Gorilla Trek at university, I saw it as a physical challenge that I could be proud of, a once in a life-time opportunity, and the work that I would be doing out there was something that resonated with me. Having been a dancer for much of my life, creativity and vivacity have been abundantly present in my life; when I left dancing, I slowly started to feel my motivation and zest for life disappear. It was only when I started incorporating creativity, fun, and dance with my new life that I appreciated the benefits of this balance. An ounce of this happiness is something I hope I can give to at least a few of the children I meet in Africa. Many children are forced to live beyond their years in Africa and, consequently, forget to be a child; the construction of playgrounds and teaching them how to make toys out of recyclable materials will take them away from their worries and struggles momentarily - the way dancing helped me.

The money I raise will go to:

The Ugandan Wildlife Authority = a charity that works to conserve the country's beautiful national parks and protect the endangered silverback gorillas.

The Home of Edirisa = a social enterprise that works to improve the quality of life of local communities. For example, they made the lives of children who live near Lake Bunyoni safer by building a swimming pool and teaching them how to swim.

East African Playgrounds = a charity that has built over 100 playgrounds across East Africa. Mostly in schools, these playgrounds improve children's social, physical, and cognitive skills. Around 10% of the playgrounds the charity builds are in refugee camps, where some of the poorest, most vulnerable, and disadvantaged children live. The charity gives children the childhood that they lost in a crisis.

EAP also work with adults by employing former street children and training them in the technical aspects of the construction industry (such as welding). They give adults not only a job for the summer, but also the transferable skills needed to get a job or start a business in the future.

All donations are very much appreciated, no matter how small. Thank you everyone for your support. Adele Mosdell