Abi Cutler I will be going to Uganda in June 2019, for 3 weeks, to help build another playground and my aim is to raise £3,000. This charity is made up of 50% student-based donations, which is why the fundraisers are so important.

East African Playgrounds, as the name states, is a Uganda-based charity that builds playgrounds in empty fields next to schools and refugee camps. The idea is to give these children a chance at a full fun-filled childhood, letting them have some peace and play to separate their usual day. As seen from previous builds (there are a few videos from the charity up on youtube- just type East African Playgrounds if you’re interested), this really does work and thousands of children have been so grateful for it. However, the charity not only focuses on the children, but also the young adults of Uganda. The young adults are offered a 6-12month qualification in welding and building to give them a kick-start in their life, and the charity also offers some of them a job at the end of their qualification!

So this charity really brings fun and provides a future for those it surrounds! I want to give the children of Uganda a chance at a fun-filled childhood; Please help by donating towards my fundraising! Abi Cutler