Lucy Crouch I have signed up to help with the charity, East African Playgrounds and with Gorilla Trek. I have committed to volunteer in Uganda in July 2019 but need to raise £2,000. East African Playgrounds strives to bring the precious gift of play and safety to the lives of local children. It has been shown that playing in a playground can improve IQ levels later on in life so building these playgrounds in schools will boost these children now and for generations to come. A playground is a classroom in disguise, they are learning constantly. They develop social skills with their friends and can learn about the developing world around them. The playgrounds will be built by Ugandan workers with the UEA volunteers helping by painting and digging foundations. Your money will pay the Ugandan workers and supply the equipment to allow the children a place to get away from everyday life.
Just £5.11 gives one child their childhood back through access to a safe and child-friendly playground. £197.61 can train a former street-child for a whole month helping them to become a qualified builder. Look at what this money can do!
I am also fundraising for my flights, so any money raised above the £2,000 can be reimbursed by East African Playgrounds to me, up to the cost of my flight.
In addition, any money you donate will also be going towards protecting endangered wildlife that live in Uganda. The Silverback Gorillas are critically endangered and the money raised for the Gorilla Trek will be going towards upkeep of their habitat and protection from poachers.
I really want to be able to help protect the beautiful gorillas and improve the quality of life of less privileged children in Uganda. I strongly believe that every child should have an education. Please help by donating any amount you can, your money will really make a difference!
Thank you!
Lucy Crouch