We partner with universities and colleges across the UK, have a look at our map to find out if we work with you university or college and find out more about each university partner below.

If you cannot find your university then do not worry, this doesn't mean you cannot volunteer with us. We love to have volunteers from all across the world, so just get in touch. Or maybe this is the opportunity for you university or college to partner with us, find out more about this on this page.

1. University of Warwick

An integral part of the Gorilla Trek team, Warwick RAG have worked with us over the last few years to promote our opportunity as an international challenge with a volunteering opportunity, and we're super excited to meet their 2017/18 team.Read more

2. Student Central University

A new partnership for 2017, Student Central is a union that focuses on bringing London students together, and we're super excited to make a community all of our own with them.Read more

3. University of Southampton

A founding partner of the Gorilla Trek, Southampton RAG have been an incredible group to work with over the last 4 years. Having run an awesome array of events on our behalf, we're super excited to continue our partnership with them next year.Read more

4. The University of Manchester

Manchester University students are super lucky as we are able to provide both of our projects at Manchester University.Read more

5. Loughborough University

Celebrating our partnership over the last 2 years, Loughborough is a real star in our cast of university partners that we're hoping to work with again in the coming academic year.Read more

6. University of Kent

A founding partner of the Gorilla Trek, Kent have been working with us since day 1, and the RAG have always been keen to help their fundraisers go the extra mile.Read more

7. Falmouth University

Over the last two years the number of participants we've brought out from Falmouth has doubled. We adore this ethics-conscious campus and are keen to support wildlife enthusiasts with their fundraising.Read more

8. University of Exeter

Exeter RAG Challenges have been a phenomenal force for East African Playgrounds, even producing our own Gorilla Trek Coordinator Rebeca Lucy. LastRead more

9. Coventry University

We're super excited to be promoting our ethical volunteer projects with Coventry Volunteer Department this year.Read more

10. University of Bristol

A re-established partnership, we're super keen to be back in the heart of the artsy city promoting our creative play projects.Read more

11. Bournemouth University

One of our oldest and dearest partners, Bournemouth RAG have been a key supporter over the last 3 years.Read more

12. University of Birmingham

New partner for 2017! Super excited to be working with the well-established Carnival RAG.Read more

13. Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University is committed to ethical and supportive volunteering which makes our partnership even stronger. Working with the Schools Colleges and Community Outreach department we offer our Uganda Volunteer Project to the students of Nottingham Trent.Read more

14. University of West England

One of our most long-standing partners, UWE RAG supports the Uganda Volunteer Project, you could be part of a long list of UWE students who have volunteered in Uganda since 2010.Read more

15. University East Anglia

We have worked with the Students Union to promote our Uganda Volunteer Project on campus for students to experience.Read more

16. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett is one of our first University partners and since the early days we have been providing unforgettable volunteering trips to their student as part of our Uganda Volunteer Project.Read more

17. Durham University

The DUCK society is a fundraising and overseas adventure society who works with East African Playgrounds to promotes the Uganda Volunteer Project to Durham students.Read more

18. Cardiff University

Working with the Global Opportunities department East African Playgrounds promotes the Uganda Volunteer Project to Cardiff students.Read more

19. Leeds Art University

This university maybe small but each year we have a small team of dedicated volunteers who come to Uganda to help us build a playground.Read more

20. Hertfordshire University

Hertfordshire University and East African Playgrounds go way back with their partnership to provide the opportunity to volunteer on the Uganda Volunteer Project.Read more

21. Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church has a wonderful partnership with East African Playgrounds through dedicated students who run the CCCU RAG each year.Read more

22. York St Johns University

York St Johns University and East African Playgrounds go way back with their partnership to provide the opportunity to volunteer on the Uganda Volunteer Project.Read more

23. Northampton University

Working with the Student Union, East African Playgrounds promotes the Uganda Volunteer Projects to students at Northampton University.Read more

24. Aberystwyth University

Working with the Education Department, East African Playgrounds promotes the Uganda Volunteer Projects to students at Aberystwyth University.Read more

25. Plymouth University

One of our oldest partners, Plymouth RAG have consistently created awesome communities of East African Playgrounds volunteers for the last 4 years, and a staff member of UPSU has even gone on to become a trustee of the organisation.Read more

26. Newcastle University

A brand new partner for 2017, we're keen to work with this rising star of a Raising and Giving society.Read more