11th June 2019

Updated 14th June 2019


We would like to share with you the latest update on the Ebola situation on the border between DR Congo and Uganda. This week Uganda's Ministry of Health, WHO and Red Cross have been managing Ebola cases that came into Uganda from the DRC. There is now currently no confirmed cases of Ebola in Uganda, only a few suspected cases, of which the authorities are carefully managing. Uganda has controlled the situation swiftly and effectively and will continue to do so.

On Tuesday 11th June 2019 it was confirmed by the Ministry of Health that there was a confirmed case of Ebola on the border between DRC and Uganda. The confirmed case of Ebola Virus came from Kasese District of a small boy who has now sadly passed. The boy travelled across an informal boarder crossing from the DRC into Uganda with his family on June 10th 2019, of which all have now been isolated in a Ebola isolation treatment centre in Bwera near the Ugandan/DRC border. The World Health Organisation, Red Cross and Uganda’s Health Ministry sent a rapid response team to Kasese to identify other potential cases and vaccinate anyone who had been in contact with the patient, they have treated several other as suspected cases of Ebola, of whom most are the immediate family of the deceased child. Those affected by Ebola were all Congolesge and have been repatriated.

Uganda has shown it's strength in managing such situations in the past and again now. They have contained the outbreak  continue to work to strengthen the border controls and stop to spread of the virus into Uganda.

Hon. Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth, the Minister of Health in Uganda reassured the general public that although there have been numerous previous alerts, this is the first confirmed incident in Uganda following the situation in neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo. She reiterated that Uganda has for the past 10 months been in preparedness mode, and that the country has promptly moved into response mode. Uganda possess the greatest expertise and experience to contain this isolated incident and the country is on full alert. The situation is under control.

The World Health Organization has since commended Uganda for the speedy response and specified that there're no restrictions to movements & business in the country. The Director General of the World Health OrganizationMr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has also stated that Uganda has experience in managing the virus and has been preparing for months for this eventuality. He added that this kind of experience and preparedness is vital to prevent the further spread of the virus. 

For peace of mind we can confirm that none of our staff, volunteers or treks take place near Kasese District. East African Playgrounds regards its participants, volunteers and staff’s safety as paramount.

Several measures to prevent any possible spread of the virus have been communicated to the general public, including a request to cooperate with the immigration, Health and Security officials.

We will be monitoring the situation closely through our close connections within the Ministry of Health providing us timely updates. We will follow the advice from the British Foreign Commonwealth and British High Commission and at present they have acknowledged the Ebola case, but no further action is required, if this changes we shall update this statement and act accordingly.

We do not expect that this case of Ebola will have an impact on our staff, volunteers or the trek, however we do have emergency procedures and protocol in place in the event of this changing. If we gain any information that is contrary to this then we will inform you immediately.

For the time being our thoughts are also with those affected by the case of Ebola.

If you have any questions regarding this statement please contact [email protected] or call Rebeca Lucy on 07982670609.