Our Ambassador programme

Our Ambassador Scheme is an exciting opportunity that offers the chance for university students to train, lead and develop with East African Playgrounds.

If you have a drive to work hard, have fun and succeed this could be the role for you.

We’ll put you in the driving seat of one of our projects; the Gorilla Trek or Uganda Volunteer Project, taking you beyond volunteering to become an upskilled, highly experienced fundraiser and people manager (plus much more) by the end of the scheme.

Training will be delivered by a range of charity experts through online and in-person events, culminating in the recruitment of your own team of volunteers and the opportunity to go to Uganda with them in the summer.

We have partnerships at Universities all across England and Wales, so as long as you are a university student based full time in the UK and are over 18 then you are eligible to apply.

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Our Projects

Depending on which University you are studying at you will have the chance to lead either one of our two projects in Uganda. Both of them are fantastic opportunities for students to gain experience, new skills, new friends all whilst making a positive impact on the communities they work with in Uganda. Check out our short info videos to see what projects you can help lead.

The Gorilla Trek



The Uganda Volunteer Project

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