£200 registration fee.

You will also need to factor in the cost of flights, visa, vaccinations and insurance which can vary between £500 -£800. However, anything you raise over and above £2,000 up to the cost of your flight can be reimbursed to you, and roughly 50% of participants fundraise their flight costs also.

Optional extra costs are rest day activities and extension trips, however it is completely your choice which activities (if any) you take part in. This allows the project to suit your budget. Your extension trip will need to be booked the March before you volunteer, but your rest day activities can be decided in country.



£2,000 fundraising to East African Playgrounds.

East African Playgrounds will provide everyone that signs up to the Gorilla Trek with a variety of physical materials – from a vibrant orange t-shirt to a fundraising guide, bursting with ideas and how-tos - all of which will help you hit (and even exceed!) your target.

Alongside this, you’ll have access to regular fundraisers organised by your group leaders, from a Krispy Kreme sale on campus to our huge street collections the week after Easter. These will allow you to get to know your group, the charity and raise some well-earned cash along the way!

You will also be in regular contact with Rebeca, our full-time staff member in charge of the Gorilla Trek, who will answer any questions that you might have and give you all the ideas you could possibly need to be successful in your fundraising.

Breakdown of fundraising

Finally, as we believe in the importance of transparency, we are proud to show you where every penny you raise goes. Your £200 registration fee + £2,000 fundraising = £2,200. This breaks down into…

£500 - goes towards your Gorilla Permit, purchased from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, a charity that work on conservation of Ugandan national parks and look after the endangered silverback gorillas you will trek to see

£600 - goes towards your accommodation, travel and trek costs, including money given to the Home of Edirisa, a social enterprise that works on building up the communities and towns that you trek through. They have, for example, built a swimming pool on Lake Bunyoni for children to learn to swim safely.

£1100 - goes towards East African Playgrounds, who employ over 40 disadvantaged young adults, and have built over 100 playgrounds across Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, including 10 playgrounds in refugee camps, helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world

Anything over and above the minimum fundraising target, up to the cost of your flight, can be reclaimed by you.

For a few fundraising ideas, take a look at our video

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