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East African Playgrounds are an international development charity dedicated to giving children their childhoods through play. We have impacted over 300,000 children over the last 8 years, and are aiming to have reached half a million by 2019.

We look at development holistically. We train disadvantaged young adults, often former street children, to become fully qualified welders and builders. These builders then build playgrounds across East Africa, building safe, fun and exciting places for children to access their right to play – increasing the likelihood of attending school, building their confidence and even impacting their employment and wages in the future.

 We have recently met with the Ugandan Ministry for Education and sport to advise on the development of new Early Childhood Education policy in Uganda, and are working with large NGOs such as UNICEF and Plan International to achieve our goals.

Funded by a mixture of university student volunteers, grants from trusts/foundations and corporate partnerships, we…

Receive 100,0000 unique clicks on our website a year from people interested in playgrounds, volunteering and ethical experiences.

Directly engage over 7,500 people aged 16-24 a year with our cause, explaining how they can make a difference. 

Raise over £300,000 a year from donations from young people and their networks, consisting of other undergraduates and young people, family, friends and people like your customers.

Work with corporates to build a partnership around them, working to engage their supporters and staff to achieve their organisational objectives and do some global good at the same time.

Ways to support

Strategic Funding

Provide direct funding to an area of our work that thematically aligns with the values or work of your organisation, empowering us to make an impact in Uganda together. Our team will work with you to make the most of this donation for both organisations, and build our image together. Click here to find out more about our general Corporate Social Responsibility offerings.

Sponsor Our Student Program

We have one of the most developed student-fundraising programs in the country, and it’s constantly evolving. We run two international events, in which hundreds of students from all over the UK engage with our cause. They develop a huge number of soft skills whilst doing this, and are rewarded with an ethical, overseas adventure in Uganda, seeing the difference they’ve helped make.

To access some of the country’s most engaged and ethical undergraduates whilst making a huge difference overseas, click here to download our student sponsorship package.

Employee & Customer Engagement

Get staff or customers involved in fundraising, helping all stakeholders in your organisation know that you have shared values and are able to put your money where your mouth is. Great for staff morale and building an ethical brand, click here for more information on what we can offer.

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