Murielle Maupoint - CEO

Murielle has been a keen supporter of East African Playgrounds for the past 4 years. Murielle has a wealth of knowledge from within the charity and business sector that she is super keen to share, to help take EAP from the great foundations that have been laid onto the next exciting milestones that awaits.


“I am thrilled to join East African Playgrounds as their first non-founder CEO. I have loved the vision, passion, spirit and energy of the charity and its team from the first moment I met Tom & Carla. I have already had the privilege of seeing firsthand the phenomenal impact their playgrounds, apprenticeship scheme and play based learning programmes are having on some of the most disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda. It truly is an honour to join this fun and vibrant charity at such an exhilarating time in its history and to be entrusted to enable East African Playgrounds to become a global leader in play.”

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Carla Gill - Founder & MD

Carla founded East African Playgrounds following her time in Uganda where she was struck by the high population of children, yet the lack of child-friendly spaces to champion the importance of their childhood.

"Play is the fundamental activity that underlines all of humanities discoveries, interventions, happiness, relationships and personal development, yet is often seen as an activity to be carries out in one's spare time. The opportunity to play and discover changes a situation from one of simply surviving to starting to thrive. It is an honour to have been able to start this organisation and to have such a huge and committed network of staff, volunteers and supporters who champion our work. The work that East African Playgrounds has been able to achieve is beyond our initial expectations, yet I know there is so much more to be done to enable the value of our programme to reach so many more people."

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Tom Gill - Founder

Tom founded East African Playgrounds, after having spent time volunteering at a Tanzanian boarding school. He noticed the increased levels of anti-social behaviour, mainly driven by boredom outside of classroom time and so built the school a simple playground. Word spread about the playground build and soon Tom and Carla were inundated with requests across East African for them to build playgrounds.

“What started as a simple project quickly developed into a program that had the potential to transform lives across East Africa. I was fortunate to work with a dedicated team of passionate, committed and exceptional people in Uganda and the UK who have helped provide over 500,000 vulnerable and often traumatised children with safe, fun and educational spaces to play and be children. The team helped develop our construction methodology to integrate our innovative vocational training program for former street children, which has led to East African Playgrounds truly empowering people and communities. I’m extremely excited for the charity's future and how Murielle and the team will scale the high impact and innovative model that has been developed. There continues to be a huge amount of potential and I know that the team will achieve great things in the coming years.

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