Here are a few quotes from a selection of people who have benefitted from the East African Playgrounds programme:


I travelled to this settlement with my two younger brothers, it took us five days. We are
pleased to see a place where we can play and meet different children

Peter, Caregiver at a school in the refugee settlements

The children come here to feel free and forget all of their problem. They can simply be children here.

Betty, teacher at a school in the refugee settlements

My children just love the playground, they here they can make friends, learn from each other and feel at peace.

Teenage refugee girl

I come here every day with my baby brother to enjoy the playground. I like it a lot.

Mother living in the refugee settlements

My children enjoy the playground very much, they like to play every break time, before and after school.

Social worker in the refugee settlements

The playground is wonderful for the children but it also helps us social workers. Many of the children come to the settlements alone or are particularly vulnerable. Have a space which draws children too, allows us social workers to keep an eye on the children and identify any of the children who need extra support.

Please note: The photos associated with any refugee quote is not the same person who has given the quote, as to protect the identify of them.