In April East African Playgrounds turned 8 years old. This seems very hard to believe as I don’t feel old enough to have founded a charity 8 years ago, I sound like a Mum talking here, but it’s true!

It’s easy for me to know how old EAP is, because I’m 20 years older than EAP. Which means we are both on route to a big birthday. Before my 30th I have decided to write a list of ’30 before 30′. All the things I want to achieve, see or do before I am 30 years old. One of them is start a blog, so that one is ticked off. A few others on my list are to learn the harmonica, read top 10 children’s books, drive a bus and post ten kind letters to strangers.

But that is goals for me. What about EAP?

Well we have been through quite a journey together, the number of stories I, and many others, have which surround East African Playgrounds is amazing. I took a look at our 5 year video (see if you can spot yourself) and thought how far we had come from then already.

So how many more amazing stories we will have by our 10th birthday and what will we achieve by then?

Well let me tell you …

Our ten year vision

So far we have built 150 playgrounds (and counting) reaching 300,000 children since 2009. By our 10th birthday aim to …

Provide HALF A MILLION children access to safe, fun high quality playgrounds

That is another 200,000 children to reach within the next 2 years. In order to do this we are going to need to raise our game and we have set up a 10th birthday fundraising page for you to see how we are getting on. Donate through this fundraising page and share on social media using #playforhalfamillion