Hi everyone 😊

Hope you’re all well, it’s Suzie here (for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Fundraising Manager here at EAP).

Calling all EAP alumni!

I’ve got some really exciting news for you today, especially if you are one of our fantastic former volunteers…

We have so many wonderful alumni who have volunteered with us in Uganda over the years, so to say thank you we wanted to give you something back. To celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary, today’s the day we launch our alumni club!

What is the alumni club I hear you cry?

The alumni club is a special network, only open to our former volunteers, that will give you a package of great benefits, including special invite-only reunion events, networking opportunities and corporate contacts.

We are launching the Alumni Club to celebrate our 10th anniversary, so members will of course get an invitation to our 10th Birthday Party next year!

You can find out more about the club and how to join here!


Super quick off the mark, our very first Alumni club member was Alex Bordoli, who is one of our 2016 alumni!

We chatted to Alex last week.

Alex, what made you decide to join the alumni club?

My summer volunteering with East African Playgrounds was incredible, but by far the best part was the Open Day for the playground. I want to be part of the alumni club because I was so proud of the impact I had as part of East African Playgrounds on that community and I want to know and hear about the legacy of our project and the difference EAP is making in East Africa. That summer volunteering wasn’t just something I did to fill a gap, when I landed back in UK I didn’t want to forget the people I had met, the memories I had made or the experience of being part of that community who built a playground… that’s why I’ve been a keen bean and signed up to the alumni club straight away!

What are you most excited about?

I met some of the best people whilst volunteering and it will be so good to see them again at Alumni events like the 10-year celebration. I also want to keep updated with current East African Playground projects; they’ve started building playgrounds in the refugee camps on the Uganda/South Sudan boarder. I’m really interested in seeing how this work expands.

What’s your favourite memory of Uganda?

Ah so many good ones to choose from! Getting up close to a real-life Gorilla is something I will never forget, but the playground open days were just so special. You could feel the excitement in the air as the poor children had to sit through the longest opening ceremonies until they were finally allowed to go on the playground. Watching them go nuts on playground was such a joy.

What’s your funniest memory?

Please bear in mind that I had been sleeping on a classroom floor for a week and it was very hot and I was tired, but despite my 21 years of education, a local community volunteer convinced me that café was spelt caffe so I painted in it on (in permanent paint) to the side of the frame which we had spent the best of a week prepping for this paint job. I love how bespoke and personalised all the playgrounds are!

Welcome to all our new Alumni Club members! If you’ve not yet joined, head over to the Alumni club page to join.