Put the FUN back into FUN-Raising, reach your target and continue to help support East African Playgrounds. We've got 5, fun and virtual fundraising ideas to keep you on track!

1. GivePenny

GivePenny! This fantastic app is perfect for kick starting your virtual fundraising. Connect your Fitbit or use Strava and set yourself a challenge! How many steps can you do in a day? Or why not link to your Spotify and get people to donate to create a playlist for a danceathon that you can do through skype. How about giving something up like alcohol or social media, how many days can you go? Or use Mixer and fundraise by doing some online gaming marathon?

2. Online Raffles

Online raffles work a treat! Create a table of numbers and post on Facebook! Get people to comment on the numbers they would like. To purchase a number tell them to donate to your page. Then when all the numbers have been sold, draw a number out randomly and allocate the lucky winner a prize! Simple as that!

3. Facebook Live Stream

Set yourself a challenge and broadcast it online for people to see! Have some fun and do something crazy! Why not eat something revolting or do a physical challenge? Or dye your hair or shave it off all in the name of charity.

4. Share, Share, Share!

Share your page online (as you should be anyway!) Go crazy on this. Share in any groups or societies you are involved in, get your family and friends to share with their networks. The more you share the more people see. Make sure to tag and thank those who donate!

Clear Out

Why not have a clear out! Old clothes, games, technology that is just sat in the corner of your room, get on Ebay and start selling! A simple and quick way to add some funds to your page as well as having a good old sort out! Or get creative and make your own products to sell!