If you have been on the hunt for a ethical, transparent and approachable charity partner to provide your students with an incredible international volunteering experience, then you have come to the right place.

We offer two different types of volunteering opportunity:

The Gorilla Trek

A jam-packed adventure trip, trekking across South-West Uganda to find the last remaining silverback mountain gorillas, followed by an incredible experience volunteering within a local community to help build a playground.

Perfect for any Raise and Give society to take on as it is designed to fit the RAG model whilst giving a great adventure and highly ethical volunteering experience to your students.

Uganda Volunteer Project

A community centred project where volunteers get to live within the local community helping to build a playground and run creative play programmes during the weekday then exploring the wonders of Uganda at the weekend.

An incredibly versatile project, we can work in partnership with volunteer departments, career centres, schools or even student societies. We work with each of these groups to provide a high impact programme allowing the students to really see their difference and understand how they can utilise this in their further career.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with Jack Butterfield to discuss your partnership opportunities and how we can offer this amazing experience to your students.