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East African Playgrounds has partnered with The Real Playful Mama to create play opportunities for your children to enjoy whilst you are all at home together. These resources can be used as 'break-time' from home schooling or dotted throughout your days as you need them. All the items needed can be found at home and best of all, the activities require minimal to no involvement from an adult.

Encouraging Child-led Play

Meaningful play occurs most naturally when it is child-led, which is why these resources have been designed to give your children a starting point from which they can just go and play in their own special way! This enables you to have some valuable time and space to yourself whilst the children feel free and in control of their own world as they happily play.

For many children, they may really struggle with the change due to them having less control over the decisions that are being made for them. This is where child-led play is vital, for them to take back control over their lives in these changing times.

Using the Resources

You will receive a pack with 16 different play opportunity cards to inspire your children to start playing. Each card is based on a different type of play, meaning the resource will be appealing to a wide variety of children, their abilities and ages.

To access these resources, please make any donation that you can and the resources will be automatically emailed to you.

Have fun and don’t forget to share photos of your play sessions on social media using the hashtag #weplayeveryday, we want to encourage as many people as possible to remember the importance of play!

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Developed with care by The Real Playful Mama and East African Playgrounds