Sam's Uganda Trek 2018!

Sam White

I believe that a childhood full of fun and laughter should be available to every child, so in 2018 I'm going to Uganda to build a playground for a local school!

Uganda Trek, building East African Playgrounds 2018

Ellie Golson

I feel it is only important that children have a safe environment to play in because it is a basic part of growing up. All children should have equal opportunities and rights to play games with friends and not have to worry about being in danger. Playing only helps a child to develop and is a basic foundation to their childhood. So by contributing to building this playground, I feel I can make a difference and change their lives for the better.

Uganda Gorilla Trek

Kristina Nicolaou

Living as a child in Uganda is not easy, especially with all the political conflicts and many families living in poverty. Resources for children in schools are very limited due to lack of funding and a large young population. This effects children as they are unable to be creative, use their imagination and just be children. Next summer on the 30th August I will be travelling to Uganda for three weeks to help create and to do a gorilla trek, whilst helping install playgrounds for underprivileged

Ellie Curtis volunteers in Uganda!

Ellie Curtis

I am travelling to Uganda next June to help build a playground for a school in rural Uganda and to offer children the chance to fully enjoy the play that their childhood deserves.

George Treks Through Uganda!

George Dorrer

In the late Summer of 2018, I and a group of other volunteers will be partaking in the Gorilla Trek, representing the amazing East African Playgrounds charity. This is an organization which helps to promote the importance of PLAY across East Africa, primarily focusing upon improving education standards within Uganda through three main concepts; The building of Playgrounds, Vocational training for teachers, and finally, through Community engagement to boost the empowerment of children. This is of

Rebecca volunteers in Uganda

Rebecca Jeffs

In the summer of 2018 I have the opportunity of a lifetime to help with building a playground for disadvantaged children in Uganda. It would be fantastic to be able to improve the lives of children, play is crucial to their development. A proportion of the money I raise will also go towards the conservation of Silverback Gorillas, which I will have the amazing opportunity to track and see in the wild.

Matthew Volunteers in Uganda

Matthew Young

I am going to Uganda in July 2018 to build playgrounds because I would like to improve the lives of children less fortunate than I

Dafydd's Uganda Trek 2018!

Dafydd Moscrop

I believe that every child deserves an opportunity to play, be active and have fun with their friends in a safe and friendly environment, and therefore I am taking part in the Gorilla Trek during August 2018!

East African Playgrounds: Giving Ugandan Children the Right to Play (Kiera Morgan)

Kiera Morgan

I would love to be able to get involved with this project. It will not only help the children but will also help me have a once in a life time experience and directly impact in vulnerable children's lives.

Millie goes to Uganda!

Millie Groom

I am fundraising for a volunteer project in Uganda in which we build children's playgrounds and get the opportunity to trek around Uganda and see gorillas.

Jana to Uganda - The Fundraising Odyssey

Jana Latzberg

I am going to Uganda in August 2018 to help build safe playgrounds for the children of East Africa. Besides helping out at a local school, my fundraising money will go towards the conservation of Silverback Gorillas and future playgrounds all over Uganda.