Costs and fundraising

Find out the costs and the fundraising targets for The Gorilla Trek. You will also find out a clear breakdown of the cost so you can know where every penny you raise or pay goes to.Read more

FAQs - Gorilla Trek

No question is ever too big or too small for us to answer. And the questions you are thinking of, I am sure many others are thinking off too. Have a look here to see if your question is answered but if not then do feel free to get in touch.Read more

How to join us

With limited spaces on The Gorilla Trek there is no time to waste for securing your spot on The Gorilla Trek this coming summer. An adventure you will never forget.Read more

Information video

Before you sign up to The Gorilla Trek, make sure you have either watch this video or attended an information meeting at one of our partner Universities. This video will show you everything you need to know about The Gorilla Trek.Read more

What is the Gorilla Trek about?

The Gorilla Trek is the ultimate African adventure. Allowing you to trekking through the amazing landscape, walk with the last remaining silver-back mountain gorillas as well as live and volunteer within a local community.Read more

What makes the challenge unique?

At East African Playgrounds, we take a huge amount of pride in our Gorilla Trek; the level of support we offer, the transparency we give in terms of where funds are allocated and the ethical standards that we maintain are all of utmost importance to us.Read more