Fundraising and Partnerships Manager - Jack Butterfield

For Jack, growing up, some of the best memories he had during his childhood was in his school playground. Whether it was imagining he was an intrepid explorer traversing new undiscovered lands or winning a world cup penalty shoot-out at lunchtime! Play is pivotal for children’s development, mental health and self-esteem and Jack believes that sometimes as adults, we lose touch with that and can take life too seriously at times. We could all benefit from taking part in more playful based activities!

Jack is incredibly proud to be part of the East African Playgrounds family and excited to continue to develop the fantastic work the charity does to provide children with opportunities to discover and develop important skills through play. As a former teacher, this is so important to Jack as not only does it put a smile on a child’s face, the skills they learn through play boosts their chances to be successful in life. A lesson that no professor could ever teach.

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