If you want to experience the thrill of adventure, the incredible sound of Latitude and the feel-good vibes of making a difference, then this is the event for you.

You and a friend set off from a given location (the nearest participating university). Whilst spending no money on transport, you race to a campsite the day before a festival. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by a member of East African Playgrounds staff with cold beers and a chance to catch up on how the other volunteers found their way to the festival. The next day, you’ll be transported to the festival itself, where you’ll be camping in the more luxurious staff area, with access to showers, toilets and better security overall. Over the festival, you’ll work three shifts as a charity concierge in the heart of the arena, fetching people drinks or putting up tents, whilst also having time to attend the festival too – the latest your shifts will finish is 9 pm, and you’ll have an entire day of the festival to yourself.  

With a £95 deposit and a low fundraising target, it’s the cheapest way to experience the greatest festivals on offer this summer!

For more information on costs, fundraising and any other questions you may have follow the images below:

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