Launch of the Alumni club

We have so many wonderful alumni who have volunteered with us in Uganda over the years, so to say thank you we wanted to give you something back. To celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary, today’s the day we launch our alumni club!Read more

My intern experience

Find out more about what being a summer intern with East African Playgrounds meant to Ilaria. 'Ever since first volunteering with East African Playgrounds, I had my heart set on doing the summer internship. Once I got accepted it had made my year and there was nothing else I’d ever been more excited about.' Email [email protected] for an application formRead more

Volunteering: Top tips

And round it comes again, our 9th summer of running volunteering projects. And still I feel huge excitement and anticipation for the summer ahead. As I first volunteered 10 years ago in Uganda and it changed my life.Read more