And round it comes again, our 9th summer of running volunteering projects. And still I feel huge excitement and anticipation for the summer ahead. As I first volunteered 10 years ago in Uganda and it changed my life.

If you are taking the steps to volunteer in Uganda, then I guarantee you it will have a significant impact on your lives. I have become so nonchalant towards volunteers saying that volunteering with East African Playgrounds has changed their lives. Because so many say so.

My top tips

If you're reading this as a volunteer about to embark on an adventure with us then I would like to give you a few tips to making the most of the project:

  • Be present - As you are only in Uganda for a certain amount of time. So make the most of every person you meet, every view that takes your breath away and every moment that amazes you. Because you’ll only do it once*.
  • Be prepared - Make sure you have read all the information prior to arrival, so you will know what is happening. And make sure you take note of the information given whilst in Uganda. This will save you asking a million questions and will make you more confident in what is going on.
  • #eastafricanplaygrounds - During a moment of procrastination, I thought I would check out our # on Instagram. And OMG it is full of awesome photos that past volunteers have taken. This gives you a great insight into the joy that our volunteers experience with EAP
  • Listen to our advice - All advice is given based on past experience and ethical grounds. Ethics and your safety is our priority therefore please make sure you take in the advice given, and if you don’t understand the reasoning, please do feel free to ask.

*‘You’ll only do it once’ well that is not strictly true, so many of our volunteers return year on year. As leader, interns and even staff members. So, watch out this might be your new favourite place on this planet!

We are ready and so very excited to welcome you to Uganda this summer, make sure you follow East African Playgrounds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and hashtag your photos as #myeapsummer or #eastafricanplaygrounds.

It's going to be a great one!