Today, more than ever, there is an urgent need for all organisations to work in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner to ensure we can protect the most incredible playground imaginable… planet Earth itself! When it comes to the student fundraising sector, we’re proud to say that with the support of our volunteers, trekkers, staff and suppliers, East African Playgrounds is leading the way!

Here are 5 powerful initiatives we are rolling out this summer to minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our Gorilla Trek and International Volunteer Projects…

  1. Carbon Neutral Flights

We invest in carefully chosen environmental projects in developing countries to offset the entire carbon footprint of your flight to Uganda and thus neutralise the impact of your air travel. Feel great before you even land in Uganda knowing your flight is carbon neutral.


  1. Soaking Up CO2

Whilst you’re in Uganda soaking up the sun building amazing playgrounds, you will also be planting trees to soak up CO2 for years to come and providing much needed shelter for local children to play safely.


  1. Saving Gorillas

Of your total fundraising target for the Gorilla Trek, $700 is paid directly to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to support the conservation of Gorillas in Uganda and their natural habitat.


  1. Riverbank Conservation

With our base in Uganda located on the banks of the awe-inspiring River Nile in Jinja, we are committed to supporting our local riverbank restoration project which includes community-led planting of indigenous trees on the riverbank, riverbank beekeeping for alternative income, and sensitisation/support to riverbank land owners to ensure the protection of this critical eco-system. 


  1. Reducing Plastic

We are working closely with our local activity suppliers and sub-contractors to reduce the use of single use plastics such as found in water bottles. Keep an eye out for our exclusive EAP metal water bottles later this year to help you do your bit in our urgent drive to ditch plastic!

And this is just the start! From using FSC certified printers for things like this flyer to recycling old truck tyres for our playgrounds or developing new low emission eco-stoves to donate to the families of the schools we work with… we are passionate about finding as many ways as possible to lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of international treks and development programmes. And finally, when you visit Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’, with East African Playgrounds, you will be experiencing one of the world’s most biodiverse playgrounds. Not only will you be captivated by this incredible country and its people, you will learn first-hand the impact of climate change on sub-Saharan communities which we hope will inspire you to live in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way when you get back home.