"I'm in the field" is a very commonly used phase within the charity sector. A phrase that my playful mind has always found very funny. Because every time I hear that phrase I think of all the charity workers in the world squashed into one little field. And I think ‘What a well researched field that must be!’

So, I am talking to you today about this mythical field for two reasons.

1. Playful thinking

Firstly, the joy of finding fun within what you do. Because of this image, I could be in the most serious meeting about implementing change. And I could be feeling totally focused and absorbed. And then someone says: ‘I’m in the field next week’. Then I just can’t help but chuckle to myself. It brings me back down to earth, and makes me realise who I am working hard for. Children. Furthermore, it reminds me the wonderful impact play has on us all.

2. Charity jargon

Secondly, charity jardon. The charity sector is full of it. I remember the last thing my lecture said to me at University was:

‘If you don’t understand an acronym or word. Ask. Because the likelihood is most others in the room won’t know what it means either!’

And so, in a sector where we rely on public engagement for funding, support and campaigning. We also alienate those very people through the words we use. Therefore, if a funding application was given to someone outside of the charity sector to read, I recon they wouldn’t have a clue what the charities project was about. Ultimately, we have made the language so niche, it excludes the majority. Meanwhile, these are the people who we need to support, fund and campaign with our charities.

Consequently the importance of talking in commonly used words to explain; our cause, why it is needed and the difference it will make, is vital. Ultimately, if we all talked in this way, I believe there would be a better understanding of the charity sector and more support and belief in what we do.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject, comment below and thanks for reading.