Last month, a small team of us went up to the refugee settlements in the north to evaluate the work we have been doing. Not only was it a great chance to see the impact of our work, but for me it was a great chance to also get involved and play with the children on the playground.

Creating a charity focused on playgrounds, does completely change your view on playgrounds forever. I can never look at a playground like any other normal person would. I spend my whole time evaluating it, how could we make it better, what is the children’s play experience here, what are they getting out of it.

Yet, by spending a couple of days focused on visiting different play centres and building trust with the children through play. It enabled me to enjoy playing on a playground. Suzie and I even had a competition of who could swing the highest, I won!

This time in the north also gave David and I plenty of time for our minds to get creative about how we would further develop the children’s play experiences. We wondered around the playgrounds, talking about the angles of slides in comparison to the direction of the sun, how we could make mini tyre trampolines at the end of the slide instead of sandpits and so many other fun ideas.

Taking this time out of a busy schedule was so refreshing and further confirmed my commitment to the importance of play for everyone, no matter how big or small.

My task for you this week, is to go and find a playground. And go and play. Whether it’s just sitting on a swing thinking about your week or running around playing games. Play really does refresh your mind, no matter how old or young.

This is my favorite photo from our time in the north. How epic is this kid! And look how terrified Suzie is!