Since fighting broke out in South Sudan in July 2016, 218,982 South Sudanese refugees have entered neighbouring Uganda, in addition to over 500,000 displaced people already hosted in refugee settlements across the country. Many of these South Sudanese refugees are hosted in camps in the North of Uganda, including Rhino camp in Arua, which receives 350 new refugees a day.

Play is incredibly important for these child refugees, especially those who have experienced trauma. For children like these who have experienced trauma, play is vital to help them process their experiences in a safe way, help them learn conflict resolution and build peaceful communities (Right to Play, 2016). Rhino camp is a diverse mixture of cultures, ethnic groups and tribes, with many languages. Play breaks down barriers between these groups, and helps to build a sense of community and support for children, reducing anxiety and helping them resolve internal and external conflict. East African Playgrounds has an exciting opportunity to give these vulnerable and traumatised child refugees the chance to play, and remind them what it means to be a child.

We are working with UNICEF to implement 49 play programmes for these refugee children. Each play programme costs an average of £11,500. UNICEF is kindly funding the majority of the programme, yet we need to raise 10% to complete this project. Meaning we need to raise a total of £56,350.

Will you help us?