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Project 2 – Lwannunda – week 1

Well what an incredible start to EAP’s second project, one week in and we already have three swings sets cemented in! The volunteers arrived early Sunday morning, slightly blurry eyed, not knowing what Uganda had waiting for them. After breakfast we started our journey to Masaka, stopping at the equator along the way for the compulsory photo! Once arrived in Lwannunda, the village the volunteers are staying in, the volunteers soon got themselves equated with local life, the boys playing football with the kids whilst the girls playing chatting with the locals.

Work began on Monday morning where they we introduced to their new best friends … a pick-axe, hoe and big spike! The group stormed though digging the first few foundation holes, Harri and Markus’s hole took quite a bit longer due to the underground wall they had to dig through, but luckily this time no water pipes! Work this week has continued to be very fast and efficient, mainly due to the determination and high sprits of the group but also helped by the equally enthusiastic school children that are so egar to help! Mixing cement Uganda style came as a bit of a shock to some as took some, it’s a bit more like hard work here, nonetheless everyone got stuck in and dirty!

The volunteers have also enjoyed a taste of local life throughout their first week. Ugandan food getting mixed reviews some not being able to get enough and others happy to stick to rice! The school children have been a huge part of this project, introducing themselves to us straight away. The children have learnt the Macarena amongst other fantastic English dances!

Due to such a successful week the volunteers are currently enjoying a 3 day weekend in Masaka town and Lake Nabogabo. They are enjoying the relaxation of Tropic Inn swimming pool, the buzz of the Friday market and the friendly vibe of a Ugandan bar. This afternoon we are off to Lake Nabogabo to enjoy the beautiful view and playing some games.

Thanks guys for a fantastic week, looking forward to many more like it!

Two of our volunteers, Helen and Sami, are keeping a blog, so to see what is really going on, check theirs out.

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